Friday, December 11, 2009

LNG News from Save the Bay

The following is info from a recent email from John Martin from Save the Bay. Go to to activate the links that appear below. Keep an eye out for Stan Dimock and Steve Roth who will be canvassing Bristol tomorrow with an anti-LNG petition. If you would like to sign the petition online, please go to:
Many stores will have the petition on their counters. To my knowledge, the Bristol Town Council is in the process of drafting a resolution to oppose the proposed LNG/Hess terminal in Narragansett Bay. They will be joined by Newport and Jamestown and hopefully many other towns in RI.

The Stop Hess LNG campaign has gone viral in what has been a busy week of activity involving literally thousands of people opposed to the project.

Our petition sign-ups online and on paper have exceeded 1,400 names and the number is growing by the minute. Thank you for your help in spreading the word. It is critical that we reach new people – not just people within our existing Save The Bay network. Be a catalyst in reaching the critical mass that will turn the tide on LNG. Click those “share” and “forward” buttons!

On Monday, the Jamestown Town Council heard a presentation by Council member Ellen Winsor and agreed to draft a resolution opposing the Hess LNG facility. Wednesday night, the Newport City Council passed an anti-Hess LNG resolution lead by Council member Stephen Waluk.

To demonstrate the strength of our appreciation and our determination, please take a moment to send a thank you email to Council member Winsor in Jamestown and Council member Waluk in Newport.

What about your Town Council/City Council? If you would like to encourage your Council to oppose Hess LNG, contact Save The Bay Director of Advocacy John Torgan (and biologist Bay Keeper) and he will send you a draft resolution template we have created that you can email to your town representative(s).

Our following on Twitter is growing (#StopHessLNG). If you have been waiting to decide if Twitter is worth your time, perhaps now would be that time. It is a powerful tool and helps get the word out. GO to and sign up. Our Facebook page is busy, too. Who wants to start a Facebook discussion page? It’s up to the users.

In the Media This Week:
Jamestown Council agrees to oppose LNG terminal - Dec. 10, 2009
Newport Council passes anti-LNG resolution - Dec. 9, 2009
Islanders to study impacts of LNG shipments - Dec. 3, 2009
Save The Bay declares war on Hess, Motif Magazine (pgs. 5 and 9) - Dec.2, 2009

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John Martin said...

Thanks, Lindsay! We especially need help growing our Twitter network. Following us at #StopHessLNG and "retweeting" our tweets will help us reach new targets. Every click counts!