Thursday, December 10, 2009

Residents tell Charter Board how to fix government

Bristol citizen and building contractor, Ray DeLeo, brought up many issues for the Charter Review Commission at their meeting this week and some are mentioned in the Phoenix article below. Other ideas not mentioned in the article are the following: • Why all the recent resignations from the Conservation Commission (CC) and specific mention of a resignation letter from one past CC member who felt the CC was in a state of inertia and not as active as it should be -  especially in matters relating to new building developments.
• The DPW does less and less every year and now has a director and two deputies. Can this Dept be scrutinized more closely?
• The Dept of Community Development needs reorganization and currently has too many duties. Mr. DeLeo thinks the department needs a 'good planner' and a five year plan for Bristol.
• Ferry Road Fixing: The backing filling needs to be done in stages with 6 - 8" of fill compacted and then tested to create a good foundation. This is currently not being done.
• There needs to be a public calendar of weekly listed advertised meetings printed in the Phoenix newspaper that is easy to read and find. Finding meetings listed in 7 pt type here and there in the back pages of the Phoenix needs improvement and does not benefit the public. 

Below is the link to the Phoenix article by Michael Yoder.

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