Friday, November 13, 2009

New Noise Study group to meet

The newly formed Bristol Noise Study group will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, December 1 at Town Hall at 7 pm.
This group is going to have its work cut out for itself...Luckily it is a large (15 total) and hopefully will divide up into smaller working units. All people who applied were given appointments. (No new names will be taken.) They are:
Nathan Calouro, Christy Nadalin. Peter Wilbur, Joe Antinucci, Tom Pasqual Jr.
David Raposa, Mike Ferreira, Stephen Barker, Karen Binder, Anthony Buono, and Richard Ruggeiro.
Town Council members David Barboza and Ray Cordeiro as well as Bristol Police Chief (or a designee) and Ed Tanner, Town Planner will also be members. The first meeting will be spent creating a mission statement, identifying goals, electing officers and possibly working off a document Ken Marshall spoke of from Rutgers University in NJ as a framework that can be modified for specific towns. (It includes the use of noise meters.) Mary Parella brought up the possibility of creating a map of Bristol noise hot spots. In the long term, the Bristol noise study group may be the beginning of the formation of a RI state wide noise ordinance. This group will be dealing with all forms of noise: Boom boxes, loud motorcycles, trucks and cars, radios, leaf blowers, cannons, bands, blasting, idling engines and celebratory events to name only some. It is hoped that their work will be completed by May 15, 2010. 

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lg said...

I read in the UTNE READER recently that noise today is viewed like litter was in the 70's - it's audible pollution. The author, David Schimke, called car alarms and boom boxes, etc "auditory assault weapons".