Saturday, November 7, 2009

iPhone art by David Hockney

Hockney is quick to ridicule the misconception that this work was some sort of computer art, in which the computer rather than the artist dominates. “Most people thought they knew what ‘computer art’ looked like, but of course that is like saying they know what ‘brush art’ looks like. It is daft. What did Leonardo use to paint the Mona Lisa? Well, he used brushes; so if I get a brush I can do that, can’t I? No! A brush, like a computer, is merely a tool.”
The iPhone app is called Brushes. TIP: He said he uses his thumb not his fingers to make the pictures!
Looking at this painting one is reminded of the many stages of painting DH has gone through in his 50 years as an artist. In the 70's he painted the weather series including works focused on rain and the sun; in the 80's he painted reflective water in swimming pools and the observation of the visual effects of light has always been a constant.

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