Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ferry Road condition

We have heard from several readers who are concerned with the apparent sinking condition of Ferry Road where the large water pipe was installed straight down the center of the road (in front of Blithewold) for the new water tower at RWU. We need to continue to tell Governor Carcieri that not only does Hope Street need repairing but also its extension — Ferry Road. Hopefully this road will be level and fixed by winter. 
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Anonymous said...

Many Bristolians are anxious to have Hope Street repaved but they don't realize that once the State starts the new road it will take 3 years to complete, this includes sidewalks. So the Independence Day parade will most assuredly be re-routed. Remember how long it took to repave the main roads Barrington and

susan maloney said...

We live off of Ferry Road. I believe the complete paving will not take place until next spring, as often they have to allow the road to settle over a winter before they pave. Tha tis what they did on the street where we live. It is a mess to drive on, and I surely hope they can do something sooner.

Clifford said...

I drive a Jeep, and regardless of how temporary that surface is intended to be, it's a poor example of paving. Making it worse is not knowing where to drive: to the left, right, or down the middle (illegal of course).......thanks RWU.

6 more months of that, seriously?!