Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bristol wants in on Newport market

Attached is an article titled "Towns want in on Newport market" from the Providence Business News written this week by Denise Perreault. It gives a detailed account describing how Bristol, Warren and Barrington want to join the Newport County Convention and Visitor's Bureau and drop out of the East Bay Tourism Council.
James Farley, President of Mount Hope Farm, was the catalyst behind this proposed merger — basically to get more visitors to come to Bristol. This will need a vote from the State legislature to gain approval. The article is about three pages.
Note: This topic was first reported on June 11, 2009 on this blog after the idea had been brought up by James Farley, Lloyd Adams and others at a June 3, 2009 regular Town Council meeting.


Anonymous said...

Leave the tourist in Newport. The only people for this are the ones who profit from it. Stay in Newport!

Tourist you've seen Bristol now get out!

Anonymous said...

I spoke to a member of the Warren Economic Development Commission on July 31 and they had never heard of this merger. Bristol people for it said Warren was all for it as well - when in fact Warren was totally unaware of it.