Friday, January 27, 2012

Coggeshall Farm Conference March 2-4

This came in yesterday from Justin Squizzero from Coggeshall Farm. For registration and a detailed agenda go to: We're hosting a conference at Coggeshall Farm Museum, and you're all invited! Ever wanted to know what goes into creating a living history experience? Want to learn more about how historians study the past, recreate its world, and share it with the public? Join experts from across the northeast as they explore just these questions in lectures, discussions, hands-on workshops, and tours. This is the first time Coggeshall Farm Museum has hosted this conference and we're excited to bring the leaders of the field (and barn and farmhouse!) to Bristol. The New England Region of The Association for Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums welcomes anyone interested in agriculture, the past, and how to make them relevent to contempory lives to attend its 2012 Conference hosted by Coggeshall Farm Museum. Session topics range from discussions about animal care in museums to the religious diversity in colonial Rhode Island. Make a felt "Round" hat (all the rage in the 1790s), get your goose cooked, or learn how to carve slate by hand with just a mallet and chisel. Tour historic sites and farms throughout the East Bay and meet the people who bring history to life across the country. Whether you've made a carrer of working in museums or just enjoy learning about the past, this conference has something for you. To download a copy of the Conference Program and Registration Information, please visit our website, We hope to see you there! Justin L. Squizzero Director of Historic Interpretation Coggeshall FARM MUSEUM 401.253.9062

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