Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bristol Zoning board denies Countrywide Gold in 4-1 vote Monday night

For those of you new to Preserve Bristol - creating the Formula Business Ordinance was how we spontaneously formed in 2004 fighting the arrival of the downtown Dunkin Donuts. DD was grandfathered but the ordinance was approved in June 2004. Image above shows one of our campaign buttons from 2004!
Some of the reasons for the denial of the motion given at the Zoning Board Meeting on Monday May 2, 2011 were the following:
The unique character of Bristol would be adversely affected by this new type of business. It is not consistent with the image of the downtown area. It would be a negative influence on the preservation and character of the community and does not compliment other businesses in the historic district. (especially being next door to a TOY store.) Related article by Christy Nadalin in Tuesdays PATCH. http://patch.com/A-hgzd

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lg said...

"I would like to congratulate the entire Zoning Board for its decision regarding Countrywide Gold. To have allowed this particular formula business to take up shop in the very heart of our historic downtown would have denegrated our image as a worthy travel/vacation destination. It would have cheapened us just as much as a tatoo parlor or a ‘payday-cash-now’ outfit. I commend this application of the formula business ordinance which we of Preserve Bristol worked so hard to establish."
Gary Watros