Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturday help needed at Mount Hope Farm

This just in from John Paul Smith at Mount Hope Farm. He is looking for help on Saturdays. If you cannot help, perhaps you know of someone who can. Many thanks in advance.

"Saturdays are particularly busy at the Farm and I'm generally there on my own. In addition to scheduled appointments (ususally 7 or 8, on the hour) people often arrive unannounced looking for information on the Inn, holding an event, or taking a tour.

Volunteers are welcome to be as involved as they wish. The most important concern is to have someone to greet people if I am off on the property. The volunteer time can include showing people around the house, talking about the Farm and Bristol, offering tea and cookies, etc. There's also light office work and answering the telephone. But volunteers are also very welcome to read a book and have a cup of coffee. We just need to have a "human continuum" in the House!"

This is also something that could be split by two volunteers into perhaps, two three-hour shifts.

Please contact John Paul for further details.
John Paul Smith
Director of Marketing
Mount Hope Farm
401.254-1745 x103

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Anonymous said...

I spoke to some Bristol people the other day who spent a night at the Gov. Bradford Inn at Mount Hope Farm and they absolutely loved it. The French Toast sounded excellent too!