Sunday, March 13, 2011

iPad 2 went on sale Friday March 11

You can order from or go to an Apple Store to pick one up. Target, AT&T stores, Verizon stores, Best Buy, Walmart and Sam's Club will also start selling the iPad 2 at 5pm local time.

Addendum March 24: Verizon and AT&T stores never received any. Target sold out in an hour and the only place to actually see one is the Best Buy store in Seekonk. Best Buy had 90 and sold out in an hour on March 11. If you order one today online (they are sold out at Apple retail stores) there is 4 - 5 week wait. Apparently the iPad 2 screens are made in northern Japan which will/or is delaying shipments.


Anonymous said...

I generally like the posts in the Bristol Blog esp ones about community news. But why are you giving free advertising to Apple and the Ipad? It doesn't make sense and it actually is annoying.

lg said...

I mention the iPad 2 on the blog because in my mind it is one of the most outstanding inventions on the planet. JMO!