Saturday, August 21, 2010

RWU Masters in Historic Preservation starting this fall

Roger Williams University
Masters in Historic Preservation starting this fall
Graduate degree will build on the legacy of the nation's oldest undergraduate program in historic preservation

In an effort to meet increasing regional demand for professionals to preserve historic buildings, communities and infrastructure, Roger Williams University, in Bristol, will offer a Master's of Science in historic preservation beginning this September. The M.S. builds on the reputation and rigor of the nation's oldest undergraduate program, which will continue to offer a B.S. in historic preservation.

The Master's program is founded on the principle that in-depth expertise in the preservation field must be coupled with skills in design, planning, leadership and administrative management for professionals in historic preservation to be most engaged and effective. This multi-disciplinary, process-based approach helps practitioners to advance their careers, and the greater cause, in partnership with other professionals and stakeholders.

Workshops, labs, internships and seminars provide an opportunity to work on projects in partnership with regional, national and international organizations and firms. Students and faculty work closely with other University graduate programs including architecture, construction management, public administration and leadership. Preservation-specific coursework addresses preservation history and philosophy, documentation, research, architectural conservation, community planning, law and regulation, design, economics and management.

The University offers two paths for the M.S. degree. For those who have completed an undergraduate degree in historic preservation, a one-year, 32-credit program is available beginning fall 2010. Starting in fall 2011, a full-time, two-year, 52-credit program will also be available to qualified students holding a bachelor's degree in an unrelated field. Part-time participation in both programs is available now.

For additional information, please contact program coordinator Philip Marshall at or (401) 254-3061. For information on how to apply, visit

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