Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Food Rules/Michael Pollan

From Amy Goodman's radio show Democracy Now:
Michael Pollan talks about his new book titled "Food Rules: An Eater's Manual". The interview is about 45 minutes. He reminded me of the days I used to work 90-100 hrs/ week and when leaving for the night, I'd drive 4 miles to the closest Burger King and order a double cheeseburger with an extra patty and a large fries. By the time I got home, it was devoured. I had nothing in my fridge and this became habit. Mr. Pollan notes that the food industry and the health industry are much more related than we'd like to think. If Type 2 Diabetes could be prevented and it apparently can be by diet, the health insurance industry would profit $440K per yr per patient. He mentions that much of our eating habits relate to our busy speedy lifestyle. He is not a vegetarian but makes a point of eating grass fed beef. (We are lucky to have a grass fed beef farm in Jamestown RI) Did you know that it takes 10 pounds of grain/corn (to feed a cow) to equal one pound of beef.
Seems that many of Michele O'bama's recent talking points on childhood obesity come directly from this interview. As "Mom in Chief", she seems the perfect person to positively influence the food industry! Her new website is called Let's Move www.letsmove.gov. She has the USDA and the Department of Education behind her!

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Anonymous said...

Great post, Lindsay! Amy Goodman's interviews are always enlightening.

Just to remind PB readers: There's an on-line campaign to bring Democracy Now! to WRNI and PBS RI at www.eastbaycitizens4peace.org